11th Joint Meeting
June 7-11, 2021

The 11th Joint Meeting will be held virtually June 7-11, 2021!

Full information is available on the meeting's website at: https://www.ptmss.ca

The Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium and the Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) will hold their 11th joint meeting virtually the week of June 7-11, 2021. The meeting will be hosted by the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Secretariat.

Given the rapidly increasing interest in the characterization, extraction, and utilization of resources in space, the Moon, Mars, and asteroids from space agencies around the globe and the private sector, as well as the need for the mining and other extractive industries to innovate in current and new frontiers, this meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for discussion and networking.

This conference will bring together world experts from space agencies, research organizations, academia, the mining supply chain, the general extractive industry, equipment manufacturers, private enterprise, financial and legal experts, and policy makers to present innovative approaches in space resource characterization, technology development, public and private partnerships, capability and regulatory regimes.

The meeting will be organized to accommodate technical presentations, roundtable discussions, and business-to-business meetings on the following topics:

  • The Moon: Enabling a sustainable presence on our nearest celestial neighbor
  • Mars: Identifying and extracting the valuable resources of the Red Planet
  • Asteroids: Sampling and utilizing the Solar System's precious stepping stones
  • Space Manufacturing and Construction: Taking advantage of the space environment and planetary materials
  • Building the Infrastructure: Supplying power, communications, transportation, and life support
  • Space Commerce, Policy, Legal and Socio-economic Issues, and International Efforts: The multi-dimensional aspect of space resources

Detailed information about registration, sponsorship opportunities, and other logistical material of this virtual meeting can be found on the meeting's website at https://www.ptmss.ca

Call for papers

Abstracts for papers can be submitted through the website at https://www.ptmss.ca/presenters. Detailed information about abstract preparation and submission can also be found at that address.

Timeline and important dates

April 12, 2021Abstracts submission deadline
May 14, 2021Abstract acceptance notification
June 7, 202111th Joint Meeting starts
June 11, 202111th Joint Meeting ends

Further Technical Information

For more information about the event content, please contact:

Angel Abbud-Madrid
President, Space Resources Roundtable
Director, Center for Space Resources
Colorado School of Mines
Phone: 303.384.2300
Email: aabbudma@mines.edu