Seventh Joint Meeting
June 7 - 9, 2016
Golden, Colorado USA

Check-in is required for all participants on the first day of attendance. A continental breakfast is available before the first session on each day.

The agenda is also available for download as part of the SRR-PTMSS Program (a PDF document). Download...

Tuesday • June 7
7:30Continental breakfastPetroleum Hall, CSM Green Center
7:30Check-in and late registrationRegistration Desk
8:00Opening remarks SRR scholarshipsAngel Abbud-Madrid and Dale Boucher

Technical Session 1 – MARS ISession Chair: Angel Abbud-Madrid (Colorado School of Mines)

8:30First Landing Site — Exploration Zone for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars Richard Davis, NASA Headquarters
8:55Benefits of Mars ISRU Regolith Water Processing: a Case Study for the NASA Evolvable Mars Campaign Julie Kleinhenz NASA Glenn Research Center
9:20Description of Water Resources on Mars that Have the Potential to Become Reserves as Part of a Human Exploration Zone: The M-WIP Study, Part 1 David Beaty NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9:45Engineering Analysis of Candidate Ore Cases for ISRU Water Production on Mars: The M-WIP Study, Part 2 Paul Van Susante Michigan Technological University
10:10Engineering Sensitivities to Ore Characteristics for Water Resources on Mars and Implications for Resource Exploration Approaches: M-WIP Study, Part 3 Charles WhetselNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Technical Session 2 – MARS IISession Chair: David Beaty (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

10:55System Maturation Team Assessment of ISRU for NASA's Evolvable Mars Campaign Jerry Sanders NASA Johnson Space Center
11:20The Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) on the Mars 2020 Rover Michael H. Hecht Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:45Efficient Microwave Approaches for Extracting Water from Hydrated Minerals Gerald Voecks NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12:10An Integrated Economics Model for ISRU in Support of a Mars Colony—Initial Results Robert Shishko NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12:35The Journey to Mars with ISRU Pathway John HamiltonPISCES University of Hawaii, Hilo
1:00LunchFriedhoff Hall, Green Center

Roundtable DiscussionSession Chairs: Angel Abbud-Madrid and Dale Boucher

2:00Mars Roundtable Discussion

Technical Session 3 – ISRU Construction and Manufacturing TechnologiesSession Chair: Sherry Schmidt (Deltion Innovations)

3:30Manufacturing for Planetary Construction using Polymeric Concrete Byung Chul Chang International Space Exploration Research Institute of Hanyang University
3:55Transforming Lunar Regolith into a Digital Printable Material Richa Batra Columbia University

Technical Session 3 – ISRU Construction and Manufacturing Technologies (continued)Session Chair: Sherry Schmidt (Deltion Innovations)

4:40Reaction Mechanisms in Combustible Regolith/Magnesium Mixtures Armando Delgado The University of Texas at El Paso
5:05PISCES: "PAVING" the Way to Planetary Basalt ISRU Construction - Lunar Launch/Landing Pad John Hamilton PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
5:30VADERS: Voxel Advanced Digital-­‐manufacturing for Earth and Regolith in Space A. J. Nick NASA Kennedy Space Center
Wednesday • June 8
8:00Continental breakfastPetroleum Hall, CSM Green Center

Technical Session 4 - Space Commerce and Space PolicySession Chair: Dale Boucher (Deltion Innovations)

8:30Space Mineral Resources: Market Modeling and Propellant Demand Forecasting Brad Blair Newspace Analytics LLC
8:55Resource Considerations for Enabling Sustainable Trans-Earth Habitation Donald Barker MAXD, Inc
9:20The Policy Context for Space Resources Development Ian Christensen Secure World Foundation
9:45ULA Cislunar 1000 Plan George Sowers United Launch Alliance
10:10Analysis and Economics of Emerging Space Industry: Lunar Resource Extraction Andrew J. Gemer University of Colorado, Boulder

Technical Session 5 – MoonSession Chair: Jerry Sanders (NASA Johnson Space Center)

10:55Google Lunar XPRIZE TEAM HAKUTO's Lunar Mission Kyle Acierno ispace Technologies
11:20Proposed Lunar Geotechnical GIS Leon Croukamp Stellenbosch University, South Africa
11:45Moon Rocks into Spacecraft LOX: Modernizing a Study and Comparing Reactions Christopher Buelke University of North Dakota
12:10Drilling for Water on the Moon Warren Platts Groundhog GeoScience, LLC
12:35LunchFriedhoff Hall, Green Center

Technical Session 6 – Near Earth AsteroidsSession Chair: Christopher Dreyer (Colorado School of Mines)

1:35Assessing the Availability of Low Delta-V Targets for ISRU Development and Water ExtractionRobert JedickeUniversity of Hawaii, Honolulu
2:00Asteroid Provided In-­‐Situ Supplies (APIS): Technology and Mission Architecture Joel SercelTransAstra, Corp
2:25Preliminary Experimental Volatiles Recovery from Carbonaceous Asteroid Simulants Egboche UnobeMissouri University of Science and Technology
2:50Carbonaceous Asteroid Volatile Recovery SystemMark BerggrenPioneer Astronautics

Technical Session 6 – Near Earth Asteroids (continued)Session Chair: Christopher Dreyer (Colorado School of Mines)

3:35Enabling Technologies for Asteroid Mining Grant Bonin Deep Space Industries, Inc
4:00Excavation and Volatile Analysis in Icy Asteroid Simulant Laurent Sibille NASA Kennedy Space Center
4:25Lofted Regolith Sampling of Small Bodies Jay McMahonUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
4:50Moon and NEAs Roundtable DiscussionChairs: Angel Abbud-Madrid and Dale Boucher
6:30DinnerFriedhoff Hall, Green Center
Thursday • June 9
8:00Continental breakfastPetroleum Hall, CSM Green Center

Technical Session 7 – ISRU Technologies and PropulsionSession Chair: Julie Kleinhenz (NASA Glenn Research Center)

8:30Evaluation of Regolith-Based Radiation Shielding Materials Jim Mantovani NASA Kennedy Space Center
8:55Implantation of Helium into JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant for Volatile Extraction System Testing Aaron Olson University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:20In-Space Propulsion and Power using Volatile Space Resources Laurent Sibille NASA Kennedy Space Center
9:45Droplet Stream Momentum Exchange as the Basis for an Extremely Efficient Solar System Transportation System Thomas Joslyn Omitron Corporation
10:10ISRU of Water for Interplanetary Steam Propulsion using Carbon Nanoparticles Jekan Thanga Arizona State University

Technical Session 8 – ISRU Technologies and ProgramsSession Chair: Jim Richard (Deltion Innovations)

10:55TransFormers for Ensuring Long-Term Operations in Lunar Extreme Environments Jim Mantovani NASA Kennedy Space Center
11:20Overview of Proposed ISRU Technology Development Diane Linne NASA Glenn Research Center
11:45MoonRIDERS: NASA and Hawaii's Lunar Surface Flight Experiment for Late 2017 in ISRU Dust Removal TechnologiesJohn Hamilton PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
12:10South Korea Space Resources ProgramTai Sik Lee President of Korea Institute of Civil and Building Technology
12:35LunchFriedhoff Hall, Green Center

Technical Session 9 – Robotic Excavation and ExtractionSession Chair: Diane Linne (NASA Glenn Research Center)

1:35Thermal Vacuum Drill TestingDale Boucher Deltion Innovations, Ltd
2:00Planetary Volatiles Extractor (PVEX) for In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)Kris Zacny Honeybee Robotics
2:25Design of an Excavation Robot: Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) 2.0A. J. Nick NASA Kennedy Space Center
2:50Mechanizing Extraterrestial Excavation – Transfer Potentials from the TBM IndustryRuben Duhme Herrenknecht AG
3:15Underground Resource Prospecting Using a Semi-Autonomous, Multi-Instrumented RobotJohn MeyerColorado School of Mines
4:00General Roundtable DiscussionChairs: Angel Abbud-Madrid and Dale Boucher