June 16, 2017POSTPONED
Golden, Colorado USA

Check-in is required for all participants on the first day of attendance. A continental breakfast is available before class on each day. Breaks are scheduled in the morning and afternoon.

  • Introduction to Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Data Collection and Pre-Processing
    • Data collection
    • Data cleaning
    • Visualization
    • Exploratory statistical analysis
    • Discretization, aggregation and standardization of data
    • Dealing with outliers
    • Dealing with missing values
  • Descriptive Analytics
    • Descriptive clustering
    • Association rules
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Regression
    • Decision trees
    • Support vector machines
    • Artificial neural networks
    • Model evaluation
  • An Overview of Hadoop

Course Textbook and Reference

Although not required for the course, the following book is recommended and will be referenced in different lectures:

  • B. Baesens, Analytics in a Big Data World, Wiley, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-118-89270-1