April 22, 2016Postponed
Golden, Colorado USA

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About this course...

Global competition and reduced profit margins often push modern manufacturing systems towards automated solutions in order to increase operational efficiency and reduce idle time of workstations. To achieve this, distributed sensors and actuators are employed to enable remote monitoring and control. The backbone of this system is a communication infrastructure that enables efficient, reliable and secure transmission of data.

This one-day course focuses on design of a communication network suitable for factory automation. As the first step, data flow requirements will be studied in terms of throughput, reliability, quality of service (QoS), and security needs for different monitoring, regulation and control applications. When it comes to designing a communication network, focus on the right network architecture is essential. This will be one of the core aspects of the tutorial, as various layers and their functionalities will be reviewed. In doing so, emphasis will be put on topics such as pros and cons of selecting connection-oriented vs. connectionless models, wired vs. wireless solutions, when to use acknowledgements, how to implement multi-access, how to prioritize different data classes for routing purposes, how/where to perform error detection and correction, and suchlike.

With the latest trend towards decentralized and distributed control of automation systems, the course will also discuss multi-agent systems interacting based on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, wireless networks and SANETs for distributed control and monitoring, and energy harvesting techniques. Finally, the most common wired and wireless communication protocols applicable to industrial communication will be reviewed and compared.

Who should attend?

Data communication is one of the key requirements of every automated process. Researchers and engineers in the areas of manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, mining, aviation, and healthcare can benefit from attending this course.


The course will be taught at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado USA. Learn more...


Dr. Salman Mohagheghi is a member of the faculty of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Colorado School of Mines. With several years of industry experience as a Senior R&D Scientist with ABB Corporate Research, Dr. Mohagheghi combines industry practices with the latest theoretical advances in energy systems. Learn more...


Registration for this course is open now. Enrollment is limited; therefore, applications will be accepted in the order received. Full information about fees, options, and payment methods is available. Learn more...

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Further Technical Information

For more information about the course content, please contact:

Dr. Salman Mohagheghi
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
Colorado School of Mines
Email: smohaghe@mines.edu

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