IMWA2013 - Reliable Mine Water Technology

August 5 - 9, 2013


IMWA 2013 will present the state-of-the-art in Reliable Mine Water Technology. To achieve this goal, we have solicited papers and posters that present current research and practice in real-world mine water technology which are:

  • Useful – to real-world mining operations
  • Applied – case-histories are encouraged
  • Costed – to allow evaluation of cost-effectiveness
  • Reliable – provide a quantitative measure of reliability
  • Sustainable – present impact and mitigation

You can view online information about all of the oral and poster presentations scheduled for the Conference.

View oral presentations...

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Guidance for Oral and Poster Presentations

Guidance for authors creating and delivering presentations at the Conference is available as a downloadable PDF document.

Download Presentation Guidance...

Conference Themes

The themes of the Conference are:

  • Reliable Mine Water Permits and Regulation
    • Permitting strategies
    • Regulatory status and trends
    • Mine design for permitting
    • Mine water legal and public issues
  • Reliable Mine Water Hydrology
    • Surface water evaluation and design
    • Groundwater investigation and design
    • Hydraulic testing and analysis
    • Mine inflow and impact modeling
  • Reliable Mine Water Geochemistry
    • Investigation and testing
    • Fate and transport modeling of impact
    • Sulfide oxidation, acid rock drainage, and neutral rock drainage
    • Water treatment technology
  • Reliable Mine Water Operations
    • Underground and surface mine water management
    • Dewatering and depressurization
    • Tailings water management
    • Mine water discharge and reuse
  • Reliable Mine Water Closure
    • Water management for closed mines
    • Treatment of closed mine waters
    • Pit lake ecology
    • Beneficial land and water reuse
  • Reliable Mined Hydrocarbon Water
    • Coalbed methane and tight gas extraction
    • Hydrofracking hydrology and chemistry
    • Produced water treatment and disposal

These themes apply to all aspects of mine water technology, including water supply, mining, extraction, processing, water treatment, tailings, waste rock, closure, and reclamation.

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