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Ground Transportation Options

Ground transportation options include: 1) Rental car; 2) Bus (public transportation); 3) Shuttles (shared rides); 4) Taxi; 5) Limousines. All ground transportation information sources, ticket counters, and departure points are located on Level 5 of the Main Terminal at the airport. Level 5 is also the baggage claim level.

Transportation Costs

Golden, Colorado (the conference location) is about 40 miles from DIA; therefore, transportation from the airport to Golden can be expensive. One-way taxi fares will be approximately $70 to $80. Shuttles (shared rides) will range from about $30 to $100, depending upon specific arrangements and the number of riders sharing the ride. Car rental rates at DIA are comparable to those in other major metropolitan areas in the United States. Bus transportation using the Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the least expensive ($9 to $13); however, the duration of your bus trip will likely exceed 2 hours.


Denver International Airport (DIA)

Amtrak — Denver by rail

Regional Transportation District (RTD) — Bus and Light Rail

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