Short Courses and Conferences

Microanalytical Reference Materials

An MAS Topical Conference

May 15 - 17, 2012

Round Robin

The focus of many round robins is typically to test instrument or user proficiency of a single technique or single application. Most investigators, however, employ multiple microanalytical techniques. Difficulties may arise when comparing data obtained from various techniques or when using one set of data for internal calibration for another technique.

A two part round robin has been developed for EPMA, LA-ICP-MS, SIMS, and atom probe. Part one will consist of explicit instructions and materials for analyzing an unknown glass. Part two will be a second unknown glass for the labs to analyze using their standard procedures. APT participants will analyze the glass as well as more typical materials for APT.

If you are interested in participating in this round robin, please contact a member of the Organizing Committee. Attendance at the Topical Conference is not necessary for participation. However, data will be discussed as part of the Topical Conference program.

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