July 26 - 29, 2021

A determination about the format (in-person or virtual) of this course will be made by mid-May 2021. If the course is offered in an in-person format, information about the location of the sessions will become available at that time.


Mr. D. John Morgan, Petroskills John M. Campbell & Co.

Mr. Morgan has over 30 years experience in design, engineering, and start-up of sweet and sour gas processing plants. His experience encompasses sulfur recovery, NGL, and gas treating facilities in Canada and the United States. He has authored a number of papers dealing with gas processing, materials of construction, and process control. In addition to his consulting activities, Mr. Morgan delivers gas industry training in many countries.

Mr. Dan McCartney, McCartney Gas Advisors, LLC
Mr. McCartney has 50 years of gas processing experience, initially with operating companies and then with an engineering contractor. He has experience in most areas of gas processing. He has authored a number of papers and holds two patents. Since retiring, he remains current on new technology and data by consulting and by serving on committees for GPA Midstream and the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference.

In Memorium...

Professor Arthur J. Kidnay

April 4, 1934 – January 6, 2015

More than forty years ago Professor Arthur Kidnay saw the need for a short course to provide an overview of natural gas processing to those associated with the industry. He founded the Natural Gas Processing Short Course at the Colorado School of Mines. Sadly, Professor Kidnay passed away in early 2015.

Professor Kidnay's dedication as a course instructor and his skilled and cheerful direction of the program will be sorely missed. Dr. Kidnay had a distinguished career at Colorado School of Mines. As a professor, he rose to Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining (1982-1990) and ultimately to Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (1990-1998). Beginning in the early 1970's, he directed numerous PhD, MSc and ME graduates—and many advanced to key positions in industry. He also made important research contributions at the National Bureau of Standards and at Mines. He received the Gas Processors Association Katz award for excellence in research and education.