July 29 - August 1, 2019
Golden, Colorado USA

Dr. William R. Parrish, Consultant

Dr. Parrish received his BChE from Georgia Tech and a Masters and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Following graduate school he worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO for six years where he was involved in two projects in the fledgling LNG industry. Before retiring he worked for 25 years at ConocoPhillips where he made physical properties measurements and consulted on company operations. He participated in optimization teams at five gas plants and was the company representative on the GPA Enthalpy Research Committee for five years. He has over 50 technical papers and two patents. He is a Fellow of AIChE and a registered professional engineer in Oklahoma. In addition to this course, Dr. Parrish has taught a number of gas processing courses in several countries.

Mr. D. John Morgan, John M. Campbell|Petroskills

Mr. Morgan has over 30 years experience in design, engineering, and start-up of sweet and sour gas processing plants. His experience encompasses sulfur recovery, NGL, and gas treating facilities in Canada and the United States. He has authored a number of papers dealing with gas processing, materials of construction, and process control. In addition to his consulting activities, Mr. Morgan delivers gas industry training in many countries.

Mr. Dan McCartney, McCartney Gas Advisors, LLC
Mr. McCartney has 50 years of gas processing experience, initially with operating companies and then with an engineering contractor. He has experience in most areas of gas processing. He has authored a number of papers and holds one patent. Since retiring, he remains current on new technology and data by consulting and by serving on committees for GPA Midstream and the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference.