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Optimizing Fracs (and Refracs!) in a Low Price Environment

Cutting Costs and Focusing Investments

August 10-12, 2015

Please note location change.

The location for this course has been changed. The course will be held in the Training Room, Ground Floor, 1600 Jackson Street, Golden, Colorado 80401. Free parking is available in the lot next to the building. See map...

Course Description

Mike Vincent's popular "Understanding and Optimizing Fracs" course has been modified to include opportunities to cut costs and maximize value given low commodity prices. This course is highly focused on field examples, and participants will leave with very practical design changes which will improve productivity at a reduced cost.

Although hydraulic fractures are the key to development of most low permeability reservoirs, fractures are frequently mischaracterized and poorly optimized.  Fracs are not simple, vertical planes.

This course will focus on practical techniques to investigate and optimize fracture treatments.  Irrefutable field examples will be shown that demonstrate that most of our propped fracs are not durable, and the fractures often collapse within 6 months as commonly implemented.

Participants in this course will have access to over 200 published field studies in which the productivity and profitability of fields have been improved by altering the treatment design.  Participants are encouraged to bring frac designs from their fields for brainstorming throughout the course.

Key concepts will be demonstrated in a wide variety of reservoir types, including tight sandstones, shales, and modest perm oil fields.  Field studies will include vertical, slanted, and horizontal wells, with emphasis on improving designs and selecting restimulation candidates in each field type. Participants who register at least 30 days in advance will be asked which fields are of most interest to them, and the examples discussed in the class will be customized to the audience preference. If a requested field is not reviewed in class, slides from other field examples of interest will be emailed to the requester, or the field can be discussed in the evenings after class.

Who Should Attend

This course is focused on real production results from a variety of fields, and will be understood by anyone with an interest in improving the production from hydraulically fractured wells. The course content generally avoids theoretical and mathematical elements and instead focuses on real-world examples — emphasizing the cost and productivity of various frac designs. As a result, the course provides valuable information for geologists, engineers, log analysts, geophysicists, petrophysicists, operators, service companies, drilling contractors, and financial analysts.

Continuing Education Credit

The Colorado School of Mines will award 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of the 3-day course.

Course Instructor

Mike Vincent is a consulting engineer with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in fracture optimization and training.  After completing his degree at the Colorado School of Mines, he worked with Amoco, ARCO and CARBO prior to becoming an independent consultant in 1996. Learn more...

SPACE recently hosted a webinar in which Mike Vincent presented an overview of the "Optimizing Fracs (and Refracs!) in a Low Price Environment" professional development course. An video from that webinar is available; just click or tap the image at the left to view.

Runtime: 29 minutes and 7 seconds

Available in high-definition full screen. Learn more...

After the video starts playing, click the full-screen icon that appears at the far right end of the controls bar at the bottom of the video. Then click the settings icon to select the desired resolution.

Course Outline and Agenda

An outline of the course content and a general agenda are available on this website. Learn more...


The course will be taught on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden (near Denver), Colorado USA. Learn more...

Fees and Registration

Registration for this course is open now. Enrollment is limited; therefore, applications will be accepted in the order received. Full information about fees, options, and payment methods is available. Learn more...

Travel and Accommodations

Registrants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, transportation, lodging, and meals. Additional information is available through the links below.

Further Technical Information

For more information about the course content, please contact:

Mike Vincent
Insight Petroleum Consulting
13862 W Maple Place
Golden, CO 80401

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