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Potential-Field Interpretation Workshop

Recent Advances in Interpretation Techniques for Potential-Fields

October 26, 2014

Course Description

The recent advances in interpretation techniques and data acquisition are significantly improving the effectiveness of potential-field data and their quantitative use in mineral and petroleum exploration. This Workshop aims to bring researchers from academia, service companies, and industry together to present and discuss the latest developments in potential-field processing, algorithm development, and practical applications. These include the new understanding of the importance of the finite depth extent in depth estimation, new approaches to basement characterization, and new methods for interpreting magnetic data under difficult conditions.

The Workshop will focus on magnetic data and integrated interpretation techniques in combination with gravity gradiometry. We will cover basement characterization techniques including depth estimation and use of magnetic amplitude data in the presence of strong remanent magnetization. Interpretation of magnetic data from difficult environments, where the assumption of only induced magnetization no longer holds true, will be addressed through estimation of magnetization direction and different inversion approaches. Application of these techniques in the presence of strong self-demagnetization will also be discussed. Case studies illustrating interpretation techniques will be given throughout the workshop.

Who Should Attend

The course will be directed toward professionals involved in the mining, oil, and gas industries. Attendees should have a basic understanding of potential field theory as topics will cover specific interpretation techniques.

Course Content

The course will focus on potential-field interpretation techniques with an emphasis on magnetic methods. Specific topics include: depth estimation, basement characterization, inversion of magnetic data with remanent magnetization and self-demagnetization. Case histories will include integrated interpretation techniques using gravity gradiometry and magnetic data.

Course Agenda

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Further Technical Information

For more information about the course content, please contact:

Yaoguo Li or Cericia Martinez
Center for Gravity, Electrical, and Magnetic Studies
Department of Geophysics
Colorado School of Mines

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