Short Courses and Conferences

Potential-Field Interpretation Workshop

Recent Advances in Interpretation Techniques for Potential-Fields

October 26, 2014

Event Sponsorships

Opportunities to sponsor this event are available. If you would like to establish a sponsorship at the level presented below, you can do so online by clicking on this link, or you can point your Internet browser to:

Session Sponsor

Sponsorship amount: $2,000 USD

Each sponsor at this level will be recognized as follows:

  • Sponsor's logo on the event website
  • Sponsor's logo on final program agenda
  • Sponsor's logo on name badge
  • Sponsor's logo on flash drive containing workshop materials

Each sponsorship includes one complimentary 'Regular Attendee' registration.

Note: Sponsors wishing to take advantage of the included event registration must register through the online registration process. Full details will be provided upon completion of the sponsorship establishment process.

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