Tenth Joint Meeting
June 11 - 14, 2019
Golden, Colorado USA

The information presented below applied to the 2018 session. Updated information for 2019 will be available soon.

SRR/PTMSS Conference

Tuesday • June 12
7:30 Continental breakfast CTLM Building, Room 102
7:30 Check-in and late registration Registration Desk
8:00Opening remarksAngel Abbud-Madrid and Dale Boucher

Technical Session 1 – Latest Developments in Space ResourcesSession Chair: Angel Abbud-Madrid • Colorado School of Mines

8:15 Current Activities in the Advanced Exploration Systems ISRU Technology Project Diane LinneNASA Glenn Research Center
8:35 What Can We Learn from Centuries of Exploration, Mining, and Assessment on Earth to Better Utilize the Rest of the Solar System? Larry MeinertUnited States Geological Survey
8:55 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program Explores ISRU concepts Ron TurnerNASA Innovative Advanced Concepts
9:15 Towards the Development of a Planetary Resource Management System: Understanding the Why Don BarkerMAXD, Inc.
9:35 Building a Space Development Industry in Luxembourg Bob LamborayMinistry of the Economy, Luxembourg

Technical Session 2 – Economics, Business, and PolicySession Chair: Sherry Schmidt • Deltion Innovations

10:15Transportation and Propellant Resources in the Cislunar EconomyMelissa SampsonUnited Launch Alliance
10:35A Business Case for Mining Propellant on the MoonGeorge SowersColorado School of Mines
10:55Five Phases of Technical and Financial Lunar DevelopmentDoug PlataThe Space Development Network
11:15Modeling Lunar Partnerships for the NASA Emerging Space OfficeBrad BlairNewSpace Analytics
11:35Framework for Valuation of Asteroid Mining Options, Incorporating Strategic Knowledge Gaps, Market Demand and Temporal Dependencies of in Space Resource AvailabilityEric WardAten Engineering
12:00LunchAtrium, Marquez Hall

Technical Session 2 (Continued) - Economics, Business, and PolicySession Chair: Sherry Schmidt • Deltion Innovations

1:00Space Commodity Trading on the Moon and with Other Solar System LocationsJeff GreenblattEmerging Futures, LLC
1:20How Space Mining Missions Will Disrupt Mineral Markets and ContractsIan LangeColorado School of Mines
1:40Policy Building Blocks for Space Resources DevelopmentIan ChristensenSecure World Foundation
2:00Economics, Business, and Policy Roundtable Discussion 

Technical Session 3 – Individual Poster Presentations (Short Talks)Session Chair: Angel Abbud-Madrid • Colorado School of Mines

3:00SRR Student Scholarships 
3:10A Case for Extraterrestrial Water Reserves and ResourcesGordon WasilewskiSpace Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
3:15Using CT Scanning to Examine Lunar Regolith Porosity as a Function of Grain Shape and DepthRuby PattersonSouthwest Research Institute
3:20Cubesat-Minimoon Rendezvous Mission Synthesis and AnalysisNiklas AnthonyLuleå University of Technology, Sweden
3:25Modeling of JSC-1A Lunar Simulant Flow and Heat Transfer in the Helium Extraction and Acquisition TestbedAaron OlsonUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
3:30Economic Feasibility of Space Solar Power in Remote Mining OperationsNicholas ProctorColorado School of Mines
3:35Increasing Lunar Propellant Delivery Capability with ACES AerobrakingNicholas CampbellUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
3:40Simulated Lunar High Land Rocks Using Japanese Igneous RocksHiroyuki IIWakayama University, Japan
3:45Concentrated Solar Energy for Manufacturing in SpaceAndrew BrewerBlueshift, LLC
3:50Robotic Prototypes for 3D printing with Lunar Regolith and Sunlight Developed in the RegoLight ProjectDiego UrbinaSpace Applications Services NV/SA, Belgium
3:55Production of Gravel from Lunar Soil Simulant by Rapid Microwave SinteringHiroshi KanamoriJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
4:00Poster Session and BreakAtrium, Marquez Hall

Technical Session 4 – Space Manufacturing and Processing TechnologiesSession Chair: Paul van Susante • Michigan Technological University

4:30Percussive Rotary Multi-Purpose Tool (PROMPT)Sherry SchmidtDeltion Innovations, Ltd., Canada
4:50Extraterrestrial Metals ProcessingMark BerggrenPioneer Astronautics
5:10Cislunar Industries™ Space Foundry™: Recycling Space Debris into Refined Materials for In-Space UseGary CalnanCisLunar Industries
5:30Self-Propagating Chemical Reactions for Making Materials and Structures from Lunar and Martian RegolithEvgeny ShafirovichUniversity of Texas at El Paso
5:50Foam Structures for Encapsulating Regolith in Additive Manufacturing ApplicationsGareth MorrisColorado School of Mines
Wednesday • June 13
7:30Continental breakfastCTLM Building, Room 102

Technical Session 5 - Mars ResourcesSession Chair: Diane Linne • NASA Glenn Research Center

8:00Looking Ahead: Reconnaissance for MarsRichard DavisNASA Headquarters
8:20Mars Sample Return Objectives Relevant to Future In-Situ Resource UtilizationJulie KleinhenzNASA Glenn Research Center
8:40Informing the Selection of the First Human Landing Site on Mars – An Overview of NASA's Mars Water Mapping ProjectsDavid BeatyNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9:00Martian Ice as a Resource for Exploration: Current Knowledge and Recent ResultsColin DundasUnited States Geological Survey
9:20Orbital Radar Assessments of Non-Polar Ice-Rich Terrains on MarsNathaniel PutzigPlanetary Science Institute
9:40Mars Pathfinder ISRU Modeling and SimulationDavid DicksonGeorgia Institute of Technology

Technical Session 5 (Continued) – Mars ResourcesSession Chair: David Beaty • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

10:20ISRU Technology Development for Extraction of Water from the Mars SurfaceJulie KleinhenzNASA Glenn Research Center
10:40Electrostatic Precipitation for Cleaning Mars Atmospheric ISRU IntakesMichael JohansenNASA Kennedy Space Center
11:00Solid Oxide Electrolysis Calibration and Characterization Plan for the Mars Plan for the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE)Forrest MeyenDraper
11:20Scroll Compressor for Mars Atmospheric AcquisitionJohn WilsonAir Squared, Inc.
11:40Production of Methane and Oxygen on Mars Using Proton-Conducting CeramicsNeal SullivanColorado School of Mines
12:00Demonstration of a Piloted Mars Mission Scale RWGS SystemRobert ZubrinPioneer Astronautics
12:20LunchAtrium, Marquez Hall

Technical Session 5 (Continued) – Mars ResourcesSession Chair: Leslie Gertsch • Missouri University of Science and Technology

1:20 Hard Rock Water Jet Mining, a Novel Method to Extract Water from Poly-Hydrated Sulphates on Mars Paul van SusanteMichigan Technological University
1:40 RedWater: Extraction of Water from Mars' Ice Deposits Kris ZacnyHoneybee Robotics

Technical Session 6 – Small Bodies ResourcesSession Chair: Leslie Gertsch • Missouri University of Science and Technology

2:00 Successful Demonstration of the Feasibility of Applying the USGS Resource Assessment Methodology to Near-Earth Objects Justin HagertyUnited States Geological Survey
2:20 Risk Assessment of an Asteroid Mining Ventures Using Decision Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation Mike JudeUniversity of North Dakota
2:40 Asteroid Regolith Model and Figure of Merit for Asteroid Simulants Philip MetzgerUniversity of Central Florida
3:00 Break
3:20 Asteroid Mining Mission System Concept Joel SercelTransAstra Corporation
3:40 Dismantling Rubble Pile Asteroids with Area-of-Effect Softbots (AoES) Jay McMahonUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
4:00 Methane Production from Carbonaceous Chondrites Using Electromethanogenesis Mihkel PajusaluMassachusetts Institute of Technology
4:20 Mars and Small Bodies Roundtable Discussion  
6:00 Banquet Table Mountain Inn
Thursday • June 14
7:30Continental breakfastCTLM Building, Room 102

Technical Session 7 – Moon ResourcesSession Chair: Jerry Sanders • NASA Johnson Space Center

8:00 Building Solar System Infrastructure with the OffWorld Industrial Robotic Workforce Jim KeravalaOffWorld
8:20 Commercial Exploration of Lunar Resources with ispace and the Polar Ice Explorer Mission Julien-Alexander Lamamyispace Europe, Luxembourg
8:40 "ALCHEMIST" - Lunar ISRU Demonstration Payload Diego UrbinaSpace Applications Services NV/SA, Belgium
9:00 Applying the USGS Resource Assessment Methodology to the Moon: Three Very Different Cases Laszlo KestayUnited States Geological Survey
9:20 Strategic Knowledge Gaps I Have Known Warren PlattsGroundhog GeoScience, LLC
9:40 Lunar COTS Concept: A Public/Private Partnerships Approach for Lunar Resource Prospecting, Extraction and Infrastructure Development Allison ZunigaNASA Ames Research Center
10:00 The Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System (CAPS) Bradley CheethamAdvanced Space
10:10 Break

Technical Session 7 (Continued) – Moon ResourcesSession Chair: Julie Kleinhenz • NASA Glenn Research Center

10:30 Progress toward Earth's Moon, Ongoing Moon Village Association's Efforts John MankinsThe Moon Village Association
10:50 Lunar Volatiles Mobile Instrumentation (LUVMI): Low-mass, Low-footprint, Payload and Robotic System for the Sampling of Volatiles at the Lunar Poles Diego UrbinaSpace Applications Services NV/SA, Belgium
11:10 Lunar Soil Simulant in Japan 2018 N. UyamaShimizu Corporation, Japan
11:30 Challenges of Designing a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for Development of Underground Structures on the Moon Jamal RostamiColorado School of Mines
11:50 TRIDENT: The Regolith and Ice Drill for Exploration of New Terrains Kris ZacnyHoneybee Robotics
12:10 Ice Mining in Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions Christopher DreyerColorado School of Mines
12:30 Lunch Atrium, Marquez Hall

Lunar Polar Prospecting Workshop

Thursday • June 14
1:30 Introduction George SowersColorado School of Mines

Overview Presentations

1:50 State of Knowledge of Lunar Polar Ice and Volatiles Clive NealLunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG)
2:10 Mining Options in the Lunar Polar Craters George SowersColorado School of Mines
2:30 Summary of Prospecting Technologies Christopher DreyerColorado School of Mines
2:50 Instructions for Working Groups
Working Groups Discussions (Teams and rooms to be assigned by discussion topic)
6:00 Workshop Reception Mines Geology Museum
Friday • June 15
7:30Continental breakfastCTLM Building, Room 102
8:00 Working Groups Discussions (Workform Completion)  
  Briefing of Results by Working Groups  
  Open Discussion  
  Next Steps  
12:30 Adjourn