Workshop Objectives

Fifteen years have gone by since the second international workshop on underwater welding (held in 1994 in New Orleans, Louisiana). Particularly brutal hurricane seasons between 2004 and 2008 have caused severe damage to many offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and have required significant repair efforts that employed underwater welding. There is a large demand for better underwater welding repair methodology, better welding materials, and more enhanced underwater inspection technology. Every evidence indicates that now is the right time to again...

  • review the status of the engineering and practice for underwater welding and inspection
  • review the performance and reliability of underwater welded structures
  • review standards and certification for underwater welding and inspection
  • identify technical and non-technical problems hindering the full utilization of underwater fabrication technology
  • identify new and advanced technology with potential in underwater welding and repair
  • produce an archival record that thoroughly describes current practice in underwater welding and inspection and opportunities for utilizing underwater technology
  • renew collaboration among the practitioners of underwater welding, cutting, and inspection.

Expanded implementation of underwater welding will require an increased confidence level from design engineers and corporate leaders, advancements in technology to reduce cost and increase weld integrity, and more complete international standards and certification programs. This Workshop will assist the structural designers, underwater welding, and inspection community to achieve greater application of underwater technologies.

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