Programming Committee

Mr. Jack Couch – Oceaneering
Mr. Tom Reynolds – Global Divers & Contractors
Mr. Thomas Myers - ABS
Dr. Peter Szelagowski – Underwater Welding Consultant & Educator, Germany
Mr. Rodger Holdsworth – Chevron & AWS D3.6 Subcommittee Chair
Mr. Don Drake – ExxonMobil Pipeline Company
Mr. Tom West – Consultant
Mr. Ricardo Reppold – CENPES, Petrobras
Mr. Rob Murray – NAVSEA, U.S. Navy
Mr. Larry Goldberg – Sea Test Services
Dr. Valter Rocha - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Retired from Petrobras)
NIST – Tom Siewert (Correspondence only)
Prof. Stephen Liu – Colorado School of Mines

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