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2017 Summer Camps at Colorado School of Mines

for 2nd through 8th Grade Students

  Information about camps for high school students will be coming in a separate email in early March.

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Announcing the 2017 sessions of the Colorado School of Mines Summer Camps for 2nd through 8th grade students

The Academies for Young Minds program this summer offers camps focused on the physical and natural sciences, history, and nature. Camps are available for students in both elementary and middle school:

  • Camp 1 :: The Artistic and Technical Sides of Sound I [Grades 4-6]
  • Camp 2 :: Bedrock Basics of Geology [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 3 :: Creative Chemistry [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 4 :: Raptors, The Winged Predators [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 5 :: What's That You See? The Physics of Light and the Biology of Sight [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 6 :: Energy at Play: The Toy Engineering Workshop [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 7 :: Mountain Men: Surviving in the American West [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 8 :: Ancient Technologies and Forbidden Secrets [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 9 :: Native American Life Among the Bison [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 10 :: American Explorers: Tenacity and Technology [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 11 :: Out of This World: An Introduction to Astronomy [Grades 3-5]
  • Camp 12 :: Busy Like a Bee [Grades 2-4]
  • Camp 13 :: The Artistic and Technical Sides of Sound II [Grades 7-8]

The Academies for Young Minds encourage children to be innovative and use creative problem-solving by engaging them in fun, hands-on activities. Visit our website at for descriptions of each camp, times and dates, information about each camp leader, and more.

The Academies for Young Minds summer camps are available to elementary and middle school students — although not all camps are available for all grades. Please visit the website for full information about eligibility requirements.

Registration for all of the Academies for Young Minds camps opens at 10:00 AM (MST) on Monday, February 6, 2017. Registration is available only online with payment required by credit/debit card at the time of registration. To register, please go to the Internet address shown immediately below:

See you at the Camp!

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