September 14-15, 2017
Golden, Colorado USA
Thursday • September 14
7:30 Participant Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Networking TimePetroleum Hall, Green Center
8:00Welcome Remarks Richard F. Wendlandt, CASERM Director
Dean Ramona Graves, College of Earth Resources Science and Engineering (Mines)
Dean Kevin Moore, College of Engineering and Computer Science (Mines)
Dean Sally Morton, College of Science (VT)
Assoc. Dean John Lesko, Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering (VT)
8:30Vision, Capabilities and Value Proposition of the Center Richard F. Wendlandt, CASERM Director
Thomas Monecke, Mines Site Director
Matthias (Tia) Chung, Virginia Tech Site Director
9:15NSF I/UCRC Presentation Dr. Prakash Balan, National Science Foundation, Lead I/UCRC Program Director
Dr. Norman Rapino, External Evaluator, Executive Director of Rocket Innovations, University of Toledo
10:15Break (refreshments provided)
10:30Project Proposal Presentations
  • "Mineralogical controls on rock physical and mechanical properties: New applications of hyperspectral core imaging, automated mineralogy, and X-ray diffraction measurements" (Katharina Pfaff, Mines)
  • "Geochemical Controls of Metal Leaching" (John Chermak, VT)
  • "Integration of petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and seismic imaging for characterization of 3D rock properties for mining" (John Hole, VT)
  • "Integrating geochemistry, mineralogy, and geophysics for exploration at depth" (Yaoguo Li, Mines)
  • "High-resolution seismic and radar imaging of fractures and geology beyond the mine face" (John Hole, VT)
12:30Lunch (provided)
1:30Project Proposal Presentations
  • "Visualizing stress redistribution in deep mines using passive seismic tomography" (Erik Westman, VT)
  • "Scaling fracture-controlled permeability to large rock volumes" (Ryan M. Pollyea, VT)
  • "Adaptive learning and quantification algorithms for advances in geological exploration" (Yaoguo Li, Mines)
  • "Bringing big data to each block of the mine block model" (Thomas Monecke, Mines)
  • "Value of information (VOI) metric for mineral exploration protocols: Addressing what data to collect, when, how, how much and where" (Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Mines)
3:30Break (refreshments provided)
3:45Industry Panel SessionDiscussion of projects and company needs NOT addressed in the earlier project presentations
4:45Review of Evening and Day 2 activitiesRichard Wendlandt, CASERM Director
5:00Meeting adjourns
6:00 Social and Technical Forum Social hosted by Mines Geology Museum and Dr. Bruce Geller, Curator
Poster session hosted by student members of Society of Economic Geologists and Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Friday • September 15
7:30 Continental Breakfast and Networking Time
8:00LIFE FORM review and discussion NSF Evaluator-moderated
9:15I/UCRC Experiences Dean Michael Kaufman, College of Applied Science and Engineering and Center Director, Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys
9:30Discussion of Center education and research directions, policies, procedures Center and Site Director-moderated
10:15Break (refreshments provided)
10:30NSF Closed Session with Industry NSF and Industry participants
11:15Next Steps, Action Items and Closing Remarks All participants
11:45Meeting adjournsBox lunches provided