The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration is pleased to announce the upcoming 16th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium, which will be held at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado from June 17 through 22, 2017.

The North American Mine Ventilation Symposium is organized by the Underground Ventilation Committee (UVC) of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. Since the first Symposium in 1982, the UVC has sought to provide mine ventilation engineers and technicians in the underground coal, metal, and industrial mineral mining industry with the latest information and operating practices from the field and promote the exchange of ideas and research in a variety of related areas to include the monitoring of air contaminants, determining fresh air requirements, and producing power efficient ventilation and cooling systems.


A one-page PDF with information about the Mine Ventilation Symposium is available for download.


This website provides preliminary information which may be subject to change as the date of the Symposium approaches.


Topics that will be explored during the Symposium include:

  • Ventilation planning
  • Ventilation design and economics
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • Mine fires and explosions
  • Methane and gas control
  • Computer applications
  • Ventilation monitoring
  • Air cooling and refrigeration
  • Main and booster fans
  • Auxiliary ventilation
  • Mine managment and organization of ventilation
  • Mine dust control
  • Ventilation on demand
  • DPM control and management
  • Alternatives to diesel equipment
  • Underground mine ventilation training and competence
  • Controlled recirculation
  • Research needs
  • ... and more!


A number of short courses will be offered at the Symposium. Colorado School of Mines will provide Continuing Education certificates for licensed professional engineers for participation in the courses.

  • Diesel emissions control
  • Mine refrigeration, air conditioning
  • Introduction to CFD modeling
  • Mine dust control
  • Fire modeling
  • Ventilation design for deep mines
  • Coal mine explosion prevention